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How does a leader develop?

Are leaders born or can leadership be taught? The answer is yes – whilst some are born with the traits that make leaders succeed, all the rest of us can still be taught to become a good leader.

In an uncertain environment, that keeps changing, being a good leader is more important than ever. Gone are the days when a company could perform the same actions year after year and continue making progress. Adapting and innovation are now keys for survival.

So then the question becomes what do you need to learn to become a better leader? Science and experience have put it all together in executive leadership programs. And here is how they are different from studying on your own, from Sergiu Neguț, Angel Investor, Start-up Co-founder and MBA graduate.

Information is all around us now and know-how is now in the form of video. Books have summaries easily accessible online. Why go through formal education?

I think the benefit of education if you’re in business is you’re not learning something precise. You’re learning something that is changing, that is more about how you apply concepts rather than the concepts themselves.

I think there is a great value in dialogue, in getting a cohort of people that have the same goals as you, maybe with different experiences, in different companies, in different industries, in different functions. They then go together through a structured learning process that includes reading, watching videos but is a lot about debating and identifying examples, solutions, businesses that have been done successfully or could have been done successfully in Romania, in Central Eastern Europe.

Sergiu Neguț, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Growth, BISM

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About BISM

Since 2010 we’ve delivered executive and academic programs designed for experienced and aspiring professionals. During this time, we have helped hundreds of alumni transform their perspectives and their organizations, by enabling them to become change agents.

We carefully select our students based on their inner spark. We then add knowledge and reinforce character by bringing students, lecturers and peers together, so in the end our graduates become the change agents our businesses and communities need.

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