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13 Sept 2024

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4 months
Part time

Program Content

Our Fast Track students join classes for extended weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sundays), every other weekend, in Bucharest, over the duration of 4 months. Physical presence at the courses is mandatory.

Intakes start twice per year, in spring and autumn, with the next one beginning 22 March. Check our admission page for more details on applying for the program.

What you will be studying

The courses comprising the curriculum are the nucleus of the MBA program. The curriculum is built as a whole, bringing together theoretical knowledge with elements of innovation and subjects relevant for the management of teams, combining both soft and hard skills. The 8 courses delivered throughout the program are:

The courses are delivered in Romanian. Exceptions: the courses where the Lecturers are English speakers, and the groups of students where there is at least one person who does not speak Romanian.

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