Student Experience - Bucharest International School of Management

Business degree


7.5 average grade Bac

Start Date:

September 2024

Last Chance:

1,000 EUR before 15 August





In Partnership with:

Student Experience

Studying in Bucharest – a city with a cool vibe, active social life and the heart of the Romanian business world.

Meeting new people – attend social gatherings and events as part of a big community that BISM has to offer.

Focusing on your wellbeing – get access to student support through to Career Counselling and Individual Coaching Sessions.

Having your voice heard – Student Association and Student Voice Forums ensure that your feedback is valuable.

As a school, BISM has always focused not just on academic learning, but on creating memorable experiences through different tools and activities. All these experiences aim to help you prepare for a competitive job market and grow in areas such as:
Turning you into an independent learner
Thinking critically
Learning how to efficiently work in a team

All the extra-curricular activities will be focused on your personal development and will be tailored to your interests, so to help you develop and improve skills in different directions.

Some examples of workshops and activities that can be delivered:

The list is not exhaustive, other activities and experiences may be added.
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