Events from 26 Feb 2024 – 03 Sep 2022 – Bucharest International School of Management

Strategy in Action: Agile Leadership

BISM HQ Dacia 99, 3rd floor, Bucharest

Traditional leadership models are proving ineffective. Companies struggle to adapt, teams grapple with rapidly changing demands, and leaders often find themselves ill-equipped to guide their organizations through this flux.

Without the skills to navigate this new landscape, businesses risk stagnation, low team morale, and missed opportunities. Leadership that isn’t adaptive and doesn’t prioritize outcomes, can cause organizational drift and reduce competitiveness in the market.

The Strategy in Action: Agile Leadership intensive course is designed to bridge this gap, offering practical insights, techniques, and methods to drive organizational agility. It invites leaders to reinterpret leadership—shifting from rigidity to fluidity, from mere execution to visionary strategizing, ensuring the heart of agility pulses through every decision, every action.

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