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Studii în străinătate, în România. Da, se poate! 

Studiile în străinătate îți oferă o mulțime de avantaje, de la curricula internațională și profesorii cu experiență, până la internship-uri relevante și oportunități pentru viitoarea carieră. Dar dacă ai putea avea toate acestea și ceva în plus chiar aici, în

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An MBA project turned into reality –

In 2016, the RO6 intake was starting the MBA, followed, an year later, by the RO7 intake. With diverse background but a similar wish to be a better leader, like all our intakes, the students took a new step in

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Leadership/Impact Research

For 20+ years Human Synergistics has been researching the cause-effect relationship between organizational culture and leadership. Cultures tend to promote leaders that resemble them, and those leaders, in turn, tend to reinforce the very culture which brought them success. This

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From law to management – Interview with Cezar Petrescu

10 years ago, MSM Romania was beginning the first intake of the Executive MBA, an education program for managers looking to develop themselves both personally and professionally. Over the years, we’ve heard multiple times about the impact it had on

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