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Is an executive program right for you?

An MBA or Master in Business Administration is a degree that is now well known in the business world. Including courses on finance & accounting, marketing, supply chain or logistics, economics and business strategy, the degree is a great fit

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Despre sustenabilitate – Interviu cu Claudiu Butacu

Lumea este într-o continuă schimbare. La fel și generațiile de oameni. Modul nostru de a gândi este complet diferit față de modul de gândire al părinților noștri, la fel și comportamentele. Cum s-a schimbat subiectul sustenabilității în timp, când generațiile

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Discover the why 

If you’ve ever dealt with a child, you know that there comes a time in their life dreaded by parents and all others who interact with them. It’s called “the why” period.  They reach that age where they are trying

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